The Preservatory @ Vista D'oro

The Preservatory @ Vista D’oro has created a seasonal line of Artisanal Preserves using traditional cooking methods combined with distinctive flavour pairings. Whether served on a cheese board or alongside fresh baked scones or hot buttered toast; our preserves are truly versatile, simply delicious and always seasonal! Serve as a decadent crepe filling, try them as an accompaniment for roast pork or simply enjoy them straight out of the jar!

So about those jars! We have been producing the line for retail and wholesale since 2002. The line is seasonal; we do about 6 flavours per season. We use traditional old world techniques, small batches, copper pots, in-season fruit. Much of which is either grown at Vista D’oro or at other near-by farms by farmers we trust. We prepare all of the fruit by hand and only use perfectly ripe fruit. We do not add pectin, only sugar and lemon juice and rely on the fruits own naturally occurring pectin for set. This makes for a softer set and allows the fruits’ flavour & texture to maintain its integrity. This also gives the preserves more clarity in both look & taste. This is also why we don’t use ‘jam grade’ fruit as it’s usually past it prime and has little to no natural pectin left. We also use less sugar than most commercially produced preserves.

We hope you'll visit farm to try them yourself or if you're looking to purchase our preserves online, see the link below....

The preserves are meant to be used in a variety of ways – with the additions of wine and alcohol as well as the spices, they are excellent on a cheese board with a variety of cheeses or an antipasto platter alongside charcuterie. They are also perfect for finishing sauces, making vinaigrettes, & glazing meats. Great over ice cream – or cheesecake, they really are truly versatile. They are just as great a simple piece of toast or simple straight off a spoon! Random House is publishing The Preservatory cookbook which will be available in the Spring of 2017! 

We can't wait to share it with you!

We have created flavours for every season; I hope you enjoy them. - Lee