Pineapple Candied Ginger & Sake

Pineapple with Ginger & Sake
A new family favorite. Grilled salmon hasn't been the same since this one was created.

Pineapple, Sugar, Candied Ginger, Lemon Juice, Sake

Figs & Walnut Wine

Figs & Walnut Wine – probably the reason we are still in business! It’s been our bestseller since we began selling it. I created this jam as a way to ‘legally’ sell all the test batches of walnut wine that Patrick was making in the ‘cave’ for the first five years, before we received our winery license. It’s a perfect pairing for Blue cheese, but does well with almost any other cheese.

Mango, Passionfruit and Kirsch

Ladled over ice cream or spooned into a tart shell for a simple dessert.

Blood Orange with Campari & Vanilla Bean

Inspired by food writers and bartenders; a heady combination.

Pink Grapefruit with Champagne

A fabulous pretty pink treat for Sunday brunch or afternoon high tea.



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